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What makes Nomad Desk different from every other Customer Service Providers?

We take pride to say that we work with our partners to create a customized plans and strategies that go in line with your Business goals, Mission, Vision and; our partnership gives us the opportunity to add more value than the regular call center. Also, in addition to Customer Service, we offer different services and solutions to help our partners in other areas such as, Content Moderation, Ecommerce Tagging, Content Writing, Photo Retouching, Digital Marketing and SEO, Graphic Design, Data Management, Data Entry, Fraud Prevention, Claims Processing, Digital Transcription, Setting and Running your Operations in LatAm or the US.

I am interested in improving the quality of my Customer Experience, how is Nomad Desk going to help?

At Nomad Desk we understand the importance of a great Customer Experience, that is why we work together with our partners to ensure that their clients have the best experience. Our agents are trained to build long lasting relationships not only to answer questions and resolve claims. And, we collect information to identify areas of opportunity for your business.

I have a dynamic workflow, are you going to be able to keep up with my company’s needs?.

Absolutely. Our team is capable of, quickly, adapting to any dynamic workflow.

How can you help me troubleshoot within my company?

With the data we collect from our different processes, we are able to identify specific areas of opportunity within your business, which will help improve your processes.

What is the agent to team leader ratio?

We try to keep a 5 agents to 1 team leader ratio in order to maintain a high level of service, this helps us maintain quality in the answers given to your clients as well as troubleshooting in an efficient way and collecting data.

Are there any flexible solutions to smaller businesses?

Yes, there are! We have the option to pay per response (when responses are less than 2,000 per month) and also to pay for a full time agent when the responses are more than 2,000 per month.

Will I have agents working just for me or will I share agents with another accounts?

If you have a full time agent, that agent will be assigned only to your account. If you have a pay per response plan, the agent will be managing different accounts.

Will I have direct communication with the agent leader daily?

Of course! At Nomad Desk we have many platforms of communications, and you choose the one more efficient for you, such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Slack, Asana just to mention a few.

How can I ensure my Brand values and promises will be aligned properly to the Customer Experience my clients get?

We understand the values  and accountability of every business are key for its success. During our discovery meeting we will ask you your Mission, Vision, Customer persona, and Voice. We work diligently to align our work to your company’s DNA and to help your business keep your promises.

Additionally, NomadDesk Us can facilitate remote monitoring sessions.

What are the advantages of a nearshoring team versus offshoring or onshoring the same services?

Nearshoring offers advantages that offshoring and onshoring doesn`t, such as cultural and communication advantages, similar time zones, reachability, easily trained, opportunity to visit. It is ideal for US Customer Based, US Operations, New Startups or for any company who wants to enter the US market.

Additionally, NomadDesk Us can facilitate remote monitoring sessions.