Healthcare support

Grow your clinic, one patient at a time

Every patient matters. And the only way to deliver the best customer experience they can get is that every one of your agents needs not only to adapt to their individual needs but to your general needs as a company as well. And that can get difficult to manage pretty quickly…

This is why we want to offer you a different solution. A customized solution, if you will.

We have a unique variety of easily scalable BPO services and customer support solutions that are not a “one size fits all” kind of thing, but rather a select group of carefully tailor-made services designed to adapt around your brand´s needs and goals – and all of this at a fraction of the costs it will take to implement these services internally.

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Multichannel customer support

Constant follow-up with your patients at every step of their journey is a must to deliver the best results. That’s why we implement strategies in every available channel to your patients, so your brand will always meet them halfway.

Back office services

The best operations are always on the details: managing data, billing, supporting the team, all of these little (and incredibly tedious) things that are so important to keep any business afloat, and which yet consume so much time that doing it is pretty much a full-time daily job on its own.

With our back-office outsourcing solutions, we take that weight from you by taking care of it all with solutions tailored to make your work as efficient, transparent, and seamless as possible, always keeping your operations at the peak of their productivity.

  • Human resource assistance
  • Accounting & billing assistance
  • Data entry assistance
  • Certifications & training for your CS team

Inbound calls

When a patient is reached, every moment matters (and besides, we all know how truly bad a bad customer experience can be).

Our SaaS and CSaaS solutions are designed to build, maintain and improve every relationship between your brand and your patients, with a team trained to manage incoming calls as well as every form of interaction, such as:

  • Data entry​
  • Medication refills​
  • Appointments:​
    • Scheduling​
    • Cancellations
    • Late cancellations
    • Rescheduling
  • Enrollments

Support in several different languages

Outbound calls

The best sales never end on the checkout. Going above and beyond is crucial for every growing start-up or clinic.

Which is why with our B2B & outbound call services, we go beyond the sales funnel to make every target lead from a sale, to a loyal customer ready to spread the word of your company! All provided by some of the most experienced agents in the business, always ready for any situation the customer may need, trained to fulfill all of the requirements and turn your leads into:

  • Referrals
  • Set appointments
  • Appointment reminders
  • Patient/client outreach
  • Patient/client enrollment
  • Case management support

Ready to Scale?

Data entry

Stop worrying about the tedious work of organizing and updating and transcribing all of your data. We take care of it all!

With the help of some of the most efficient business operators, we’ll organize your database and every important piece of data in your business:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Data management
  • Digital transcriptions
  • & more

After-hours customer support

“24/7” may seem like a very daunting (and expensive) task for any customer support team.

Well, not with us. Our After-hours customer service team will seamlessly represent your clinic’s best interests, even after your regular customer service schedule. We’ll satisfy the legal requirements your health care services may need, assisting your clients or patients at any time.

  • Same support as your normal customer support team
  • Full call center service on weekends
  • Full call center service after business hours
  • Treeline for urgent care
  • After-hours messages
  • Guest services support for property management
  • Support in different languages
  • Accessible and flexible rates
  • Adaptable with your already existing CRM tools

Community clinic services

To attend every person and patient with the utmost care. That is the standard to look up to if you wish to stay competitive in the modern healthcare industry, and for a normal community clinic to accomplish it, their customer support team needs to accomplish two main goals: to be as efficient as an inhouse departament, while being as flexible as an outsourcing agency.

With our services, we’ll grant you both of those things so that you may finally have the time, resources and results available to attend to the people that truly need it.

  • Inbound & Outbound voice solutions
  • After-hours services
  • Ecommerce solutions
  • On-demand agents
  • Flexible, adaptable plans tailored around the size of your operations


We connect with all technologies for a seamless end to end support experience.