About Via Care

Via Care is a non-profit FQHC with a simple mission To to “support and uphold their community’s right to health by providing quality, equitable & comprehensive care”. In other words, to help create a world where healthcare is a basic human right.

Their problem

In order to do so, they offer two wonderful programs: PEP (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis) and PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis), health services designed for those who do not have HIV but may be at risk of contracting it.

The target audience was: sexually active adults with multiple partners, older men in dating apps, and, particularly, LGBTQ+ members (since unfortunately there are very few east L.A. LGBTQ+ focused health care providers, let alone the rest of the US).

Via Care went with us and asked us to achieve three main goals:

1) Increase their total inbound calls
2) Increase the percentage of Mexican and L.A calls
3) Generate awareness in social media

Our solution

The results

  • 33,243 – Total inbound calls

(Calls before our services: 6,508)

  • 30% – % of calls handled in Mexico

(% of calls before our services: 10%)

  • 70% – % of calls handled in Los Angeles

(% of calls before our services: 68%)

  • 48 – Appointments made through Landing page


  • 19 – Patients enrolled made through Landing page