About us

Innovating Outsourcing

We’re a Business Process Outsourcing Company (BPO), created to design “tailor-made” customer support outsourcing services to attend the unique solutions any given clinic, business or CS team may need.

We don’t just want to improve the standard CS services. Our goal is to innovate them, by implementing an integrated approach to both customer support, back-office and ecommerce solutions.

We love what we do, and we want to assist you on your journey to scale your business.

Our Story


Nomad Dwelling is founded.
With a couple of very talented entrepreneurs and a lot of passion in our hearts we started operations as Nomad Dwelling, a customer experience company specialized in the vacation rental industry.


Nomad Desk is founded.       
We opened our Nomad Desk division, an outsourcing provider company offering customer experience and back-office solutions for startups, dedicated to its fullest in offering customized and integrated services.


Nomad Digital is founded.       
We opened Nomad Digital, a division that provides customized digital marketing services to the startups and disruptive businesses of today and tomorrow, managing accounts in the USA and Mexico.


… and beyond.                            
We keep scaling and growing not only as a company but as an up and coming business culture We are very excited to see what the future beholds, and we look forward to working with you as well!

What We Believe


To help our partners focus on their core business by providing tailor-made, data-driven solutions on customer service and back-office solutions.


To be a catalyst for growth by offering outstanding outsourcing solutions able to empower the start-ups of the future to change the world.


Our Values

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Why Us

We want to help the companies of the future in their path to change the world for the better. To achieve this, every one of our strengths is crafted to allow your focus to remain on the growth of your business, while we ensure your operations are as optimal as they could be,

We are technology-driven, data junkies excited with the possibilities of customer service and working with the best tools in the market for better results, while also adapting to your tools to make your job easier. And we’re also globally & cloud-based, with offices in Los Angeles, Mexico, India, Vietnam, and the Philippines so that you will always have direct face-to-face communication with us, with no delay nor time barrier.

Meet Your New CS Team

Nomad Desk is, first of all, and above all, its people. It is their identities, passions, individualities, unique talents, and powerful perspectives that make us what we are. The essence at the core of our being.
They are, without question, the best talent we could ever find!

Fabian Torres



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Become a Nomad

We are always in search of the most talented (and funny) people in the world! So if you think you are a good fit with us, it will be an honor to hear from you.
Send us your resume and we will gladly get in touch.

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