After 6 years of offering and working with E-commerce, Community Clinics, and other disruptive businesses, we found that Customer Service has become extremely important during 2020. The customer service presence on social media, landing pages, and other platforms is more critical than ever before.


Our key values, our tech-driven solutions, and our remote collaboration from different teams based in several countries; such as Mexico, Vietnam, India, The UK and USA strive to deliver successful campaigns that allow us to keep growing.


Therefore now we are pleased to introduce our Digital Marketing Division. We are currently working on developing a process that fulfills all our client’s needs.  Our success is measured based on each business goal (sales, consideration, traffic, etc.).


Now, we can offer a complete service that helps our clients achieve success, we can control and react from the organic social media flow to the CRM leads and follow up. By having the opportunity to react and rearrange the strategy to optimize every part of the process.


Why is this so important?


Usually, when you engage in Social Media, you only have a certain visibility when it comes to analyzing campaigns, you receive the leads, send them to the client, but without any knowledge of the real percentage of conversions.


But with our clients, we do have that visibility, because we help them to understand the conversion through our customer service division team. We get to analyze the quality of the leads, and this is a critical measure to determine the campaign’s success.


So if you want a one-stop-shop marketing agency, we are here now.


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